[AMNESIAC] (2006)

The project AMNESIAC simulates the human ability of collecting and remembering memories:
store, retain, and subsequently recall information. AMNESIAC collects video/audio data from participants in different places, and responses showing to them other video/audio data which are related,

So, if you give something to see or hear, AMNESIAC watches it and shows you other multimedia data
from its memory, as if saying "Ah, that reminds me of these-"
And as the sequence continues, AMNESIAC bulits (or LEARNS) its own way to link memories.

:: AMNESIAC @Chelsea Art Museum, New York ::

[How it Works]
AMNESIAC is being developed in Flash Actionscript 2.0 with Flash Media Server, PHP & C++.
The program collects video/audio clips from the webcams installed in public space, and from the webcams/microphones on participants' computers, and store the clips on the server through video streaming.
The program also collects about 20 kinds of information of each footage, such as location, date & time, season, weather, temperature at that time, and it analyzes the brightness, color tones, movements, sounds in each footage. Then it builds the footage database of collected video/audio clips, and links the clips that have common attributes.
Each time the program collects a new video/audio clip, it updates the footage database and links between clips, then it shows the most matching clips that are stored on the server.

:: AMNESIAC @Hun Gallery, New York ::

[Participant Experience]
The participant will see himself/herself on the screen by standing in front of the camera.
When the participant clicks RECORD button, AMNESIAC captures video/audio for 5-10 sec. During the seconds, the participant can do anything in front of the camera - show some motions, say something, make sounds, or just standing there doing nothing.
After analyzing the data, AMEMSIAC will show a series of video/audio clips as a response. Those clips might seem random or not related to the participant, but those are the clips that corresponds with the participant's captured clip, IN AMNESIAC'S POINT OF VIEW.

* People can also access AMNESIAC and participate via Internet with their computers. *

* AMNESIAC shows diverse video/audio data collected from different places. *

* AMNESIAC also can be accessed in mobile devices via Internet. *

[Developing Status]
The developing goals in the next version that I'm currently working on are,
- More complex and SMARTER video/audio analysis.
- collecting more information, such as top news headlines on that day.
- better interface to interest participants.