[HAIKU_ME] (2006)

HAIKU ME is a hauku generator for the people who are lazy enough but have to make haiku anyway.

Developed in Flash Actionscript/PHP

The user types a word, and the program selects 2 other words which seem related to the word, analyzing the data from Google search. Then the program creates 3-line haiku using those 3 words for each line. The user can see more haiku using the same words by clicking "more haiku," or type a new word.

how it works:
Using Google API, the program gets the search results of the user input, and collects the snippets of 50 websites. It splits the text data into words, filters unnecessary words and characters, and analyzes all words to select three keywords which most frequently appear. Next, the program picks all sentences that include those three keywords from the text data of 50 snippets, checks the number of syllables, and randomly takes parts of 5 or 7 syllables beginning with the 3 keywords. Then, the program shows those 3 lines.