A team project creating an action game compositing real photographs.
Developed in Flash Actionscript.


A simulation of building and destroying skyscrapers based on assigned modulers.
Developed in Flash Actionscript.

[SKETCHPAD] (2006)

A simple sketchpad that allows users to draw with a real-ink-like pen, and create multi-layers.
The tool records all the user's drawing actions and save it as a XML file on the server. Thus, users can save or load the XML data anytime, and export the drawing as a RAW image file.
Developed in Flash Actionscript & PHP.

[QUILT_BUG] (2006)

An automated tool for creating quilt-like drawings. The tool allows users to design with arrow-blocks.
Developed in Flash Actionscript & PHP.

[INSTINCT] (2004)

A Web-based puzzle testing users' instinctive and intuitive abilities by figuring out the structure of random images.
Developed in Javascript/html.

[PASSWORD] (2004)

A simple password generator based on users' instinctive reactions to abstract images.
Developed in Flash Actionscript.


An educational tool for Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum Website.
The tool helps children to learn the concept and many different uses of maps, and allows children to plan & design their own maps.
Developed in Flash Actionscript.