[Children's Tool for Creating CONNECT-THE-DOT] (2006)

[Design Problem]
How to teach children the basic concenpt of the design process,
with the method they are familiar with?

Children's Tool for Creating CONNECT-THE-DOT

The tool allows children to:
- Create their own connect-the-dot pictures.
- Use simple clips, such as eyeballs, mose, or mouth.
- Plan the sequence of drawings.
- Print their pictures to share with friends.

The tool should provide:
- Easy and Intuitive user interface for children.

[Propositions / What if]

Challenge Variable
Variable Form/Method: Creating CONNECT-THE-DOT Pictures
Whay you chose to swap it? - Previous challenge doesn't provide enough room for changes/re-design.
- The result of a designed map is abstract, hard to evaluate.
- This game is not generally popular. It is not interesting/attractive enough for all children.
Impact (what do you think
changes/needs to change?)
-The game/form should be familiar with all/most children.
- It should provide enough room for creativity.
- Children can develop more creative activities.
- It should allow children to easily give it to friends/others to test.
- The process should produce joy/fun activities and self-motivation.
Anticipated domains needing
further study, thought,
observation, experimentation?
- Children's development of drawing skills.
- Education of the design process.
Resources (any key resources
from your prior work, class today,
further research).
Kids Design:Design Process
Understanding the Design Process for Outdoor Play & Learning Environments