[Hacking Space Invader] (2006)

Gaining high socre / Eliminate all the alien invaders

[Core Mechanic]
Aiming / Shooting / Moving

[Running Outcome]
Players can enjoy a computer game without other knowledge/experiences.
Players can have the joy with very simple thinking/actions

Motify the game to help children develop the concept of the design process.
At first, children learn the settings and attrubutes of the game by plaaying it.
And then children can build their own battle maps of the alien invaders being the position of the alien commander.
They use their own experiences of game play to build maps, rather than using other instructions.
After building maps, children can save the maps, and play games with their own maps
or let others to play the maps. And after playing games with the maps or getting feedback by others,
children can edit the maps or build new maps.
Through the process, children can develop the idea of the basic design process.

[User Scenario]