[Literacy Blog] (2006)

[Problem: Literacy Learning Problem]

Non-native speakers often struggle with properly using words or phrases, even if they know the meanings.
They desire to speak or write fluently especially using more proper and natural expressions, but it is difficult to find the right way of use.


The tool that I am proposing is a interactive blog which is a user-friendly, self-learning tool.
Users can post questions including the words or phases they want to know.

Users have three ways to post:
(1) Using basic posting interface screen of the blog.
(2) Using a custom posting application which can be attached in other applications such as word processors, mail clients, or Internet browsers.
(3) Sending email to the blog.
(4) Using a custom application on mobile devices.

Users can select two options to narrow down the response results.
(1) Users can select specific Use/situation: casual, formal, academic, journal, etc.
(2) Users can select specific focus: fluency, idioms, synonyms, etc.

After analyzing the users' questions, the blog will response to users' post by posting comments or new entries.
The blog will post entries by several different ID(or characters). Each character represents different Web search engine or method, such as Google Web search, Amazon product review search, Yahoo news search. Thus, different characters response in different voice tones.

The blog also makes each user's profile and keeps updating the database of the user's English skill, including words or phrases that the user frequently use, common mistakes, weakness, etc. And the blog will use the database to make responses including not only the answer to the question, but also advice and suggestions about how to improve the English skills.